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Our lives are broken down to 6 areas:

  • Career

  • Physical Health

  • Relationship

Which means that there are 6 areas of life where we hold baggage. 

Do you remember a time when you were younger where you were not affected by social pressure or shame? When you wore what you wanted to and said or sang whatever you felt like whenever you left like?

Then you started to become more "aware" or self conscious. The REAL you started to fade away and you started to put up a facade of who you think other people wanted you to be.

THIS is when we start to carry emotional baggage.

Overtime, the emotional baggage gets bigger and heaver and it prevents us from having the courage or clarity to pursue what really fulfills us in life.

Don't let that hold you back any longer. In EVERY area of you life, you can BE the fullest version of you and HAVE everything you desire.


This is how my coaching works. We first do a Breakthrough Session. Once the emotional baggage is released, then we can work towards clarifying the person you're now free to be and the life you're now free to have. 

This is going to be an incredible jounrey.


COACHING 3 or 6 months w/ weekly calls (BTS included): $2,000 USD/mo

  • Family

  • Personal Development

  • Spirituality

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