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I don't believe in coaching programs where people are lead through a curriculum because that would be workshop and not coaching. Coaching is an investment that you make in yourself, which causes a coach to then dive deeply into your life and create a bespoke experience to accomplish a challenging goal that you wouldn't be able to attain yourself.

You are likely here because we've already had several conversations and both parties feel that moving forward with coaching would would be a good fit. If we have not yet had a conversation, please book a complimentary coaching call where you will experience how coaching will open up your perspectives to a greater life than you could have expected.

Business Ideation + Strategy: Text
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Thank you so much for your time this morning! Our call was incredibly valuable for me to continue figuring out my next steps and do some deeper thinking into what I want professionally, even just for this season in life. I will continue to question the topics we covered today, and will start drafting ideas from a corporate contractor vs an in-house role. If you have any more ideas or thoughts that stemmed from our time today, please share! I am so glad we started working together.

Laura B

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