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There are few things more fun for entrepreneurs than creative brainstorming and strategy development. We're visionaries and sometimes it's hard to have these high level conversations with other people. 

I want to have those conversations with you!

I'm not a business consultant. I don't care to look at charts with you and talk about your bottom line, per se. I want to enrich the spark which drives the passion behind what you do, so that you can bring more of you to the world.

Let's see if we vibe. I know exactly what I have to offer and I'm excited to see the things you'll accomplish through our conversations. 

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The quality of our life and relationships is what we make of it. If we want to be a great athlete, we find someone to help us with our nutrition, strength + conditioning,  and our form. It's the same with our life + relationships. To have the high quality of life and the really strong + fulfilling relationships that we want, it takes investment.

How are your relationships going? Your life is full of them: coworkers, family members, romantic partner, etc.

Navigating relationships can be quite tricky. There's no way to avoid people, so why not make the most of your relationships? We will work on social and relational dynamics so you feel equipped to thrive in all your relationships.​

I'm a big believer in the power of therapy. I think every person should experience it in their life, especially if there are key issues to work through. I highly recommend you check out a licensed therapist. But what about the less specialized stuff that we experience day to day which doesn't really require a therapist?
That's why I believe in Enrichment Strategizing and Perspective Maintenance! 

Let me help you enrich the what you've worked so hard to create already.

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Thank you so much for your time this morning! Our call was incredibly valuable for me to continue figuring out my next steps and do some deeper thinking into what I want professionally, even just for this season in life. I will continue to question the topics we covered today, and will start drafting ideas from a corporate contractor vs an in-house role. If you have any more ideas or thoughts that stemmed from our time today, please share! I will surely reach out again with follow up questions.

Laura B

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